Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Handicapping Auction Results

Standardbred Canada's handicapping auction was last night. 23 handicappers took part in a unique contest where each horse was auctioned off for a dollar amount. Each handicapper had $100 to spend on the potential 204 horses on two cards at Grand River and Mohawk. It cost $100 to enter and the winner received about $1600. The winner also got a free trip to the Nationals at Woodbine.

Pull the Pocket represented very well! Kicked some major butt.

Ok, not me Pull the Pocket. I came about 15th or worse. But that was to be expected. Two contributors at our blog here slayed it out and came one-two. The big hits were 25-1 shots at Grand River in race 5 and Mohawk in race 7. That set those two apart. Congrats Roy and Jame!

Jame did think he was going to win, and why not? One guy (Roy) had to hit a bomb, and J would have to be shut out. But bombs away when the Sudbury Slammer Mike Saftic scored in race 7. Roy will be celebrating all Croatian holidays now in homage to Mike Saftic. Dobro Mike!

I did have a good shot to make some noise. In race 4 I paid $6 for Mick Grant's horse who did show some talent. He was boxed until late but had some good pace to come 4th or 5th when free at 30-1. A horse I really liked and bought for $9 was Prescott Bay in the tenth. I bet him for real as well. He was 30-1 and was a big try. He went on one line at the head of the lane and finished poorly, but at least I was well meant.

All and all a good contest though, and quite fun. Nice to see 2/3's of Pocket people there at the finish :)

Thanks to all who commented via email and on the blog on my "We are What is Wrong With Racing" post below. I have received more feedback on that piece than many others. Horseplayers are extremely frustrated.

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