Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dewey Bounces Back in CTC; Shipps Solid

In a strange race (hey, Ray what about taking him off the pace :)) Dewey got the lead easily, sat a pocket and went on to win fairly easily in 153.2.

Posters here are speaking of "taking off the flip flops". If that is so, I would leave them flip flops off, as he had more fire tonight. Ray once again proves that he can drive with anyone, or maybe more accurately, anyone can drive with anyone if they have a good horse. That was a perfect drive on a speed favouring track.

Clerk Magistrate came second for me, but did not meet the threshold of 7-2, so no bet. I thought he raced well, and I don't think he grabbed that sloppy surface. The third quarter was pretty pedestrian, yet he could not hook Crazed. He is too good a trotter not to be able to head that horse in a slow quarter, after Crazed was stung hard in a 27.2 second panel.

I would make that Clerk bet again, as Crazed was overbet, and boy was Dewey ever overbet. 7-5 from the ten post? Wow. I bet in that situation your ROI would be less than 0.50.

In another horse that raced rather poorly to most last time out, Big Brown, the result this time was a nice victory on the Monmouth turf. It's a day of redemption for two good horses!

Next week, as we detailed below is the Jug. I think we'll be able to take a closer look at that race next week.

In the Nassagawaya tonight, Shipps Xpectancy stamped himself a brute of a 2YO. I took some supers last week with Well Said on top and missed it. This colt beat me. He looked to have some snap. This week he blew the doors off a solid field. I have a feeling that we'll be hearing a ton more about this 'lil guy. Jerry Silva will probably have them on speed dial. :)


Anonymous said...

I knew (and posted) you would not get 4-1 off of him like PTP predicted, all GREAT horses bounce back, and he is a GREAT horse. I predicted he would win and get the odds that you got, when you look at it realistcally, you would normally get 1-5 on him, this time you got 6-5, not bad.

Pull the Pocket said...

You called the public right on that one. When I mentioned the SC poll with over 50% of the people thinking he would win from the ten post, it was looking like a good call.


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