Monday, September 1, 2008

New Harness TV Show & Old Warhorses

Putting their cash where their mouth is - kinda like me when I bet, although I hope it is more successful than that - the Hambletonian Society and several harness stakeholders have started to run a show on TVG. The show will be hosted by Gary Seibel. For information on the show, you can visit

In the scratch your head file, Artist Stena, a former Adios winner and sire was brought back to the races recently, winning a 6 claimer at age 13. Let me type that again, yes Artist Stena was brought back to the races in a 6 claimer. There are some things in this game that make you wonder. I know one thing, if I ever have an Adios winner, I can guarantee at age 13 he will be on a farm, eating carrots, with a picture of his Adios win hanging over his stall.


Anonymous said...

I see this show is on TVG. Being the little attention being spent on harness racing on TVG, this may be a good market to target. Perhaps they will get some of the t-bred gamblers to take a shot at the harness races.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that a horse like this is put back into racing. It is one thing if he came back in a high class, but a 6K claimer?

[ptp - not sure if this is the new or old owner, Anon. Sometimes things slip thru the cracks. Maybe the old owner if there is one, will claim him? That has happened several times in this situation before]

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