Announcers: Stauffer and McKee

I just watched the 7th at Hollywood and it amazes me how good a race caller Vic Stauffer is. He tells you virtually everything that is going on in a race and does so with a sense of purpose.

On the standardbred side, how about Sam McKee? Another masterful race caller.

Sometime I think we take these professionals for granted. But they are tops.

In homage to two greats, here is some video.

First Vic.

And a great call by Sam:

Edit: For Greg, who mentioned Durkin, here is one of the most beautiful race calls I have ever heard (just my opinion, I know others have their fave Durkin calls, too). It was 20 years ago and hearing the crowd down the lane, along with this wonderful call should make us remember just how fantastic this sport was in terms of fan support and drama.


GregB said...

Agreed Dean

And then there's Tom Durkin, who's always been in a league of his own, in my opinion.

Pull the Pocket said...

He's my fave Greg, and I added a race call of his. What a race, and what a race caller.

GregB said...

Classic call Dean...good choice.

There are many very good callers out there and then there's Durkin. He has the most expansive vocabulary, he can anticipate perfectly and can build drama and emotion better than anyone I've ever heard.

He has so many great calls that send chills up your back, it's hard to pick out just one. Among my favourite harness calls of his, the 1985 world record from Nihilator when he beat Falcon Seelster in 1:49.3.


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