For Those Playing the Cup Pick Six.....

Wagering is open for business in many parts of the world, and it tends to be sharp. Today there were several horses bet below their morning line, and some above it and these were signalled Thursday night. They are helpful when constructing pick 6 or pick 4 tickets, I find. So here are a few quick notes:

Marathon - Sixties Icon is being hit pretty hard. Delightful Kiss is taking money.

Turf Sprint - Mr. Nightliner is live. I like this horse, so this is disappointing. I don't think we get any price on him.

Dirt Mile - Pyro and My Pal Charlie are being bet below ML.

Mile - US Ranger is being bet below ML.

Juvy - Street Hero is tepid chalk right now.

Juvy Turf - They are loving Westphalia.

Sprint - Fatal Bullet is live.

Turf - Conduit is taking money.

Classic - Curlin is just over 2-1.

Watching the in running betting at betting giant betfair was interesting today. When Indian Blessing was getting eaten up the action was pretty fierce. It happened several times today. The Brits love their racing and the sharpies who are working the in-running betting are exactly that - sharp.

Glancing around tonight while checking odds for tomorrow, I see the Aussie betting is going very well there. The 1:05 race at Moonee Valley had around $1 million traded just in the win pool. It seems this type of betting has been embraced downuner, and judging by the fast and furious action, it is well liked by Aussie bettors. To think it was only April of this year that it was approved. With millions traded daily and horseplayers getting nice low takeouts, I think those who tried to protect their slice and block betfair there, are looking more and more foolish.

Last, we'll take another shot at a bomb pick 6. We got two of six yesterday, which is about my average. Let's shoot for three of six here, for a big day.

BC Mile: 2,5,6,7,11
Juvy: 1,4,6,8
Juvy Turf: 1,3,6,7,11
Sprint: 9
Turf: 3,10,11
Classic: 1

Note: Premier Turf Club is offering a unique clocking report for the BC. Word is it will be up at 11AM tomorrow if you are interested (it opens in a pdf).

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