Dewey Tops the Breeders Crown Poll

This weeks poll is out. Dewey is still number one; Art Official ahead of Shadow Play.

Rank/Name/1stPl Votes
1. Deweycheatumnhowe (20)
2. Somebeachsomewhere (14)
3. Mister Big (1)
4. Art Official
5. Shadow Play


Anonymous said...

As much as we may not like it, the fact is SBSW will probably always be listed behind Dewey unless Dewey starts losing every start remaining and SBSW keeps winning.

I am curious to hear your thoughts on the following. Could the reason Dewey is always coming out ahead of SBSW be the fact that Dewey has been raced by a trainer/driver instead of a catch driver; the feeling being if Dewey is doing so good with a trainer/driver that he would be that much better if they were using a top tier catch driver? While I still would be putting SBSW in first, I could understand this logic.

It would be an interesting article for the trade mags if some of the voters would reveal why they were picking SBSW or Dewey as number one over the other.

Pull the Pocket said...

Hi Allan,

I dont think so. Rainbow Blue won HOY over a horse who did similar - Windsong's Legacy. And WL was driven by Trond.

I honestly do not know what it is. As fans we know we are watching magic with the Beach, and maybe wont see his kind for a generation, but whomever votes does not seem to think so.

Anonymous said...

Is there any precedent for a racetrack offering an invitation only race, even as a one time only idea?
I ask that because you'd think someone would come up with a vision of a race that could include Somebeachsomewhere, Mr Big, Shadow Play, Artistic Fella, and a few select others.
Obviously such an idea would require a substantial purse, financial incentive has to make sense to the owners. Is there not enough financial upside in putting on such an exhibition, to make it a proftable venture for the track itself?
I ask that thinking that if Toronto did it, they could probably attract a crowd in excess of 15,000 people.

Anonymous said...

I noticed you didn't respond, was it a stupid question ? Simply not realistic I suppose ?
The Beeders Cup Classic offers this possibility every year for T-Breds.

Anonymous said...

No, good question. I was going to write something on it soon.




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