Harness Herb's Top Ten

It is no secret that Pocket readers are flummoxed with the Harness Racing Top Ten poll. We have made it a topic about four or five times. So our cub reporter Greg Reinhart figured we should do our own. I was too lazy so Greg has initiated this weekly event. Each Tuesday will be top ten Tuesday.

This list will be chosen by Harness Herb. A special thanks to Herb and Greg.

Harness Herb's Top Ten List

1. Somebeachsomewhere

2. Mister Big

3. Deweycheatumnhowe

4. Shadow Play

5. Art Official

6. Dial Or Nodial

7. Celebrity Secret

8. Artimittateslife

9. Enough Talk

10. Art Colony

PS: Just for the record I did not pick this list, Herb did. If you have a comment, please address Herb in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

What else can we say, how much more can we critcize ? We're dumfounded, frustrated, annoyed, all of the above, and we have made our feelings known.
Then week 24 rolls around, and once again one of the voters displays his/her lack of credibility for all to witness. With both Somebeachsomewhere and Deweycheatumnhowe enjoying some rest and relaxation for the past two weeks, one voter must have had a revelation.
Absolutely nothing happened during the past week to prompt any change of opinion, there wasn't even any press, not an article to be found, however this paticular poll expert, privilaged honoree, decided to remove his 1st place vote for Beach, and go back to Dewey. This is ridiculous!
Maybe the "poll mafia" shook him/her down, maybe that Mr. Big voter pleaded their case (which would obviously cause considerable confusion). Whatever happened, the peer pressure obviously got to this participant and they should have their vote taken away.
An individual who changes their vote without any event or stat taking place is obviously abusing their privilege. The only reasonable conclusion is that they are not honoring the responsibility in a professional manner.
Here's hoping that at the end of the year, when voting for horse of the year,no one gets an opportunity to have second thoughts, and by second thoughts, I mean someone else's thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Herb...Your top ten is pretty valid, but, I think you may have been influenced by a guy I like to call 'Chip' or the owner of this here blog. Also, I'd be interested in your (their) opinion of the top 10 races of the year thusfar...after all, any man who can pull of that blue and fuchsia bike suit must have his voice heard!!

Pull the Pocket said...

Well whomever came up with this poll will be commissioned each week to do it. He will not be influenced by geography, owners and trainers, or fashion.

We'll have movement in it. For example, Dial or No Dial clearly should be in there.

If Shadow Play beats beach with that post advantage (I dont think he will, but it is possible) he would probably move up to #2, etc.

Chip will be compiling it. He is in almost daily contact with Herb.



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