Slots Revenue Tumbles and Other Notes

In a harbinger perhaps (thanks to Equidaily for the link) slots revenue is falling fast.

The amount of money bet at Pennsylvania casinos dropped more than $200 million in September as the stock market and slots play slumped across the nation.

Harrah's Chester Downs wagers dropped 8 percent from the previous month. Philadelphia Park saw a 13 percent drop.

Never is it a better time to position racing as a place you can win.

Adding to the chorus is the last post at It is an excellent post on poker doing exactly that. Sure poker online is fun, sure it is a community, sure it is entertainment. But they rightfully do not promote that. They position themselves as a place that with skill, you can win. Just look at the marketing with Ferguson's bankroll.

They are saying "our game is open for your business. You can win like Chris, so come play." We can do that too if we put our minds to it. Racing is a great game you can win at if you are good and work hard when rakes are low. Just ask the 1,000,000+ players at betfair!

Pacing superstar from yesterday Ralph Hanover has died. He was a nice horse. It was 1983. Ralph was three and winning everything. Cam Fella was four and winning everything. As a kid, boy did I ever want to see them meet.

The draw for the Messenger Stakes is Wednesday I believe. In it, a more that solid match between World Record holders Shadow Play and Somebeachsomewhere. We'll keep you posted.

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