Case Study: Horse Racing in the Internet Age

I had written a small piece for the blog, but decided that Jules, the ever capable marketing man at would do the post more justice with some fancy pictures. So, he nicely accepted the task and posted it on the fine blog at his site.

The report is simply a broad look at racing in the Information age. Google searches are a fine barometer of interest in a product, story and much more. Ad revenue from google makes up the bulk of their revenue, and this ad revenue is not banner ads, or interruption marketing. It is advertising based on you and me - what we search for drives their revenue, and what we search for is gold to businesses.

Anyway, enough rambling. Please pop over to this link for the post on Racing in the Internet Age.

Apologies in advance for having some fun comparing horses like the Beach to Dewey and Curlin to Big Brown, but hell I am just a kid at heart. Playing with google is like playing a video game.

For another interesting web post, check below the article. There is the Internet match-up between harness heavyweights Deweycheatumnhowe and Somebeachsomewhere, which I found very interesting.

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