Beach's Brother Sells for 150. Curlin to Classic

A quick note about the best horse in harness racing, and the best horse in thoroughbred racing.

Beach's brother sold today at Lexington. I wonder what he looked like. Astreos is a solid sire and the buzz of the last week was huge. $150k seems cheap to this observer.

Curlin is off to the Classic. There is quite a bit of scuttlebutt about Jess Jackson playing coy. I don't think it was coy at all. I think it was because the horse looked less than impressive at Saratoga and they were worried about him. After the slam dunk on Saturday, off they go.

The odds are up and not surprisingly Curlin is chalk at 7-2. Big Brown is the second choice at just over 5-1. The Santa Anita surface is playing right into Curlin's hands right now, so I think that is a slight overlay.

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