Gold Cup at Woodbine

Alex made a comment below, about how he thought this year a special race would have given the sport a shot in the arm. This race would involve say, Mr. Big and Somebeachsomewhere.

I read a recent headline that the Gold Cup at Woodbine was being moved.... immediately I thought "wow, they are going to move it to December I bet, and invite the Beach." But no, it now will be raced on November 15th, the same day the Beach races in the Ontario Super final.

Last years Gold Cup was exciting. You had the usual free for allers, but in a neat twist, Tell All, the Jug Champ, and Hagi, the fastest three year old in Canada that year were both invited. We got to see a Jug Champ and a Simcoe champ face older as a 3YO. Tell All ended up the chalk and raced well. Hagi held his own first over.

I thought for sure we'd see something like that before the Beach heads off prematurely to retirement. It should be interesting to see what happens for the Beach's final race, but it won't be the Gold Cup against someone like Mr. Big.

If there was one regret I think everyone has this year about the Beach (no not the Jug miss) it was that he was not entered in the Canadian Pacing Derby. It is open to both 3 and 4 year olds, and I think it would have been the race of the decade. We want to see great horses test themselves, just like Jess Jackson did with Curlin trying the grass, or Zarkava and against the boys. We will not see it this year with Beach, and that is a shame.

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