Saturday, September 22, 2012

America's Best Racing: Doing What They Can

Several years ago the Racing Development and Sustainability Plan was floated up here in Canada. Part of the plan was to take a share of slot money and support some promotion for the sport, heavily focused on the customer. As I think most would agree, racing has several masters to tend to, and customers sometimes come pretty low on the totem pole. That plan would attack that oversight.

In the end it was not passed.

Not long after, the Jockey Club created a very similar plan. No, that plan was not about what it could not do - i.e. change crazy-high takeout rates, or pass legislation - it was a plan about what they could do. And that generally involved promotion of existing events, to create some buzz and gain column inches, and give racing a push.

Today in harness racing update, Stephen Panus and Penelope Miller were interviewed about what they and their group have done in season one (page 4, pdf file)

Give it a look if you are interested.

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