Saturday, September 8, 2012

Harness Speed Show

Today in HRU the harness speed show was looked at, primarily from a style of racing point of view.

" Just this year we've seen sub-150 qualifiers or training miles about as many times as we've seen a negative campaign ad for the Presidency. We're now teaching horses to go fast, while as recent as four years ago something crazy would have to happen to have them go that fast. I think we have to look at the environment as much as we look at a final time, just like we always have. People didn't go crazy when the time trail world record was set in the 1990's, or when Steady Star did similar about 40 years ago. We looked at a body of work. Today we have to take the teletimer with a grain of salt, factoring in what we're actually seeing, too; the only difference being we seem to be  doing it much more often than in the past."

Read the column here on page 4 (pdf)

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