Monday, September 17, 2012

Run the Table, Monday Notes

I can't say too much more other than this quote from Jack McNiven on the passing of Run the Table.

"I lost the best buddy I ever had," a tearful Jack McNiven told Trot Insider on Sunday evening. "That horse and I were so close. Nobody ever had a horse quite like him. I've had a lot of horses go through my life, but he was special. He was special. He knew what I said to him. He and I lived together and whenever I left the farm I’d look into the paddock when I drove by and went right to his stall when I got home. He was my everything."

A crusty old horseman, eh? Most of them aren't when you are dealing with horse's like this.

I met Run the Table for the first and only time several years ago at Grand River. I don't work with horses every day - I don't know much about caring for them at all - but with him you just kind of knew he was a special horse. He seemed to know exactly what he was there for: To Be an ambassador for horse racing. That's a pic of him with a young fan years ago.

Rest in peace fella.


Vote please!  Click this link for a story on a very special place that helps retired racehorses that is in the running for a Chase grant. It's amazing, they have a shot to get some really nice coin, and all it takes is you voting on Facebook.

Jug week is upon us and we'll have some notes as the week goes on.

There's talk of Takter's fine this past weekend for letting stablemate Little Brown Fox up the wood in the Canadian Trotting Classic. The fine was $200, the race was for $1,000,000. Several years ago driver Trond Smedshammer got 45 days for doing similar. That was a little better than $200, in my opinion.

Have a nice Monday everyone.

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The_Knight_Sky said...

Run the Table was a mighty fine race horse. I had the honor of seeing him race live at the Meadowlands.

This was the era when the Madison Square Garden network would televised the Harness programs live and NBC' sportscaster Bruce Beck would sit behind the desk and explain the nuances of Harness Racing. Run the Table was a regular topic of conversation.

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