Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Notes

Dan Silver has moved on from NYRA to Penn.  I thought Dan did a pretty good job at NYRA and that is likely a good hire for Penn. Good luck Dan.

I have a harness racing blog and I had to check my ADW to see if the county fair was racing today at Delaware, Ohio. There is something wrong with that. I know when there's a big race in Australia, or when the Ascot meet starts and I follow UK or Aussie racing about 1/100,000,000 th that which I follow harness. In my opinion, Jug week is the most under-promoted big week in harness.

Last night there was a strangely exciting 5 horse race at Harrington in the Quillen Memorial. There were really only two horses in it, Foiled Again and Betterthancheddar. Normally that would be a snorefest, but Yannick Gingras knows his horse is a fighter and pulled him at the half. In the end he was justifiably defeated, but not for lack of effort. I thought BTC has been off his game, so I fully expected Foiled to win the race and was happy YG gave him a shot. It was not to be, though. Betterthancheddar raced well.

As for this years' Jug, it goes Thursday, with an update here. Usually Jug's are not super-interesting, because there tends to be one or two stand outs with nice posts. This year it is not like that - it's a whale of a race. We'll be stoked for it come Thursday.

There was some chatter yesterday regarding the most impressive performance of 2012 for the Thoroughbreds. I sided with the Questing Alabama, over the  Pacific Classic of Dullahan. What's yours in harness racing? Interestingly, for me one would probably be Sweet Lou's NA Cup elim where he was stung badly and still won easily. It's funny to say that now, as Lou has not come close to duplicating that effort.

Have a nice day everyone.

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