Breeders' Cup and "Filling the Tank"

As we all know, two of the most interesting and bettable days in all of horse racing are happening tomorrow and Saturday - The Breeders Cup. I have gone through the PP's and a little bit of jcapper and I think the two days are as good as any I have bet and watched over the last 30 years (well, maybe I should not have said that because I was under 18 for some of those and the RCMP knows where I live).

For most people the Breeders Cup can be overwhelming. There are deep fields with runners coming from everywhere. There are horses cutting back or stretching out, there are myriad types of bets to play. It's not your average 6 horse field race card at Beulah.

Fortunately, there are places that offer some help.

Alan over at LATG handicaps some of Friday through the lens of TimeformUS. Their stuff is good so if you are looking for some insight, give them a glance (he is offering a deal). They have a package for sale, and it might be worth a few marbles if you plan to play.

Brisnet also has some cool stuff that may help, especially harness players looking for an edge. I have to mention them too, because the Marketing dude at Brisnet is Ed DeRosa, and despite me yelling at him on twitter, or likewise him yelling at me, I think he's a pretty good guy. He puts together some really good stuff over at Bris for punters.

Lastly, if you have not downloaded the Free Horseplayer Monthly, just do it! There's insight from people you don't hear too often from for free. Like John Doyle, who is one of the sharpest guys around. Our blog friends Jessica Chapel and @keenegal, along with Mike Dorr, Lenny Moon and others share some thoughts. There are also bias stats and trainer stats from the last three Cups.

I am close to putting together some tickets, which may or may not change based on track bias or how a trainers horses are firing. Two horses I think I will be taking a stand on are Caracortado in the Turf Sprint (I was turned on to looking at him much more closely due to Doyle and Chapel's thoughts) and Bobby's Kitten in the Juvy turf.

The former has downhill experience, will likely have pace to chase, has a decent post, and is a stalker - those horses are 7 for 29 this meet at 6.5f. His price will be right.

As for Bobby's Kitten, I know what you are saying: "PTP, thoroughbred racing needs more horses named Kitten", but this horse looks like he may be special. That maiden win showed some major-league professionalism for a turf horse, and he just looks so seasoned. He's fast too. This race, the way I look at it, in the horizontals everyone will be using all the Euro's based on their history in the event. I am taking a stand and spreading in the other races because I think Bobby is the real deal.

American horse racing takes its lumps and sometimes it's warranted. But, like we read with this overseas scribe's take on the BC, sometimes it's ridonkulous (h/t to Seth at Equidaily for the link):
  •  It’s a huge ask for our horses to compete with the ‘septic tanks’ in their own back yard and I’m convinced the only rule in US racing is there are no rules.
That's nonsense of course, because the Breeders Cup, as told in this PR piece, makes sure the "tanks are not filled".

If you are worried about raceday shocking or milkshaking, that's covered through 72 hour surveillance. If there's "filling of the tank" it must be right up there with a Tom Cruisian Mission Impossible coup.

If the Euro's lose this year they will lose because they weren't good enough. If you want to paint an event as one "without rules" some people need to do their homework.

It's nice to end a post with a little rant. It does the body good.

Have a great day everyone, and enjoy your handicapping. Days like this only come a few times a year.


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