There'll Be a Commissioner of Racing, In One Big Jurisdiction Anyway

People call for it and they say it will never happen. They are probably right. But today at Grand River, the Ontario Government is announcing a $400M plan for Ontario horse racing, and there will be - you guessed it - a commissioner of racing. 

It's clearly the only way this plan can work.

More details will come out of the press conference, which is going on now. We'll update you.

There was a neat story in harness racing update today about kicking. And it does show just how badly racing needs a centralized body (e.g. a commissioner) with some power.

When the drivers who kicked during the now infamous Tattersalls Pace last weekend were asked what they thought (pdf), their answers were what you'd expect: Answers people would give when there is no commissioner.
  •  Tetrick said the only complaints he has ever had from owners or trainers is when he doesn't kick or nudge his horses. "They only complain when I don't do it," he said. "They
    want you to do something make them go."
Great. So Sean Payton asked you to do it.

In any other sport there would be chaos and unmarketability in the said sport without some structure.  Players could run around in different colored shoes or uniforms. A quarterback could be number 94 and a lineman number 12. Every policy could be debated in the media,and the powers that be and fans would have their noses snubbed at. Different rules could be applied in a stadium or arena in Detroit, versus one in Phoenix. Clutching and grabbing would be let go at a Rangers game in NY, but called to the letter in Miami. It would be crazy.

In Ontario, that craziness is being addressed today, but it took the absence of slots to do that. What's the rest of racing waiting for? They should fix it before some government takes away all the money, not afterwards.

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@racetrackandy said...

It seems like the Customers are the acting Commissioner and our position will only get stronger.


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