Newbies Say a Lot In Very Few Words

If you ask someone new about a product or service they know very little about, I think you tend to get some insightful answers.

In this month's edition of Horseplayer Monthly, a newbie was interviewed in a ten question segment.  It's a neat interview every track exec should probably read.

When asked about racing being complex, he said "I don't even know how to wheel"

When asked about what could make him come back to the track he said "winning more"

Those two answers speak volumes, in my opinion.

Online Poker is not an easy game at the highest levels, but it is easy to learn. Anyone who picked up a deck of cards when they were 12 can make a pair, or straight with five cards. If you want to learn and get better you can, by playing. There are cheap tournaments and the takeout is only about 4%. It's tough to get your butt kicked when only 4 cents out of every dollar is raked from the pot.

Make something intimidating to play and learn and do it while raking 25% from the pot, and Houston we have a problem.

Have a great day everyone.

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