The Captain vs His Challengers at the Red Mile

Today in race 6 at the Red Mile, the Captain faces two of his main foes - Sunshine Beach and Vegas Vacation (along with the capable Beach Memories) - in the Tattersalls.

The Captain has only lost once this year, to the aforementioned Sunshine Beach, where Sunshine had the tactical advantage.

Vegas Vacation has had a few cracks at the Captain this year and in a few of them he was well behind the eight ball, trip wise. He had to circle the field in the Hempt, which is near impossible at this level nowadays, was first up to him, gave him cover in the North America Cup, and was being strangled in the two hole in the Cane Pace, where the Captain was un-Captainlike, strolling home in 28 flat.

In other words, he has never really held a tactical advantage against him, and it's safe to say if he did a time or two, the Captain may have more than one defeat this season.

So, you might be saying I am hammering Vegas? No, I don't think so. Last week in the tune up, the Captain was, in my opinion, the best he's ever been. Vegas is coming off two heats, a ship and a week off.

Sunshine Beach is coming off a prep, but before that he was sick.

I'm having trouble seeing the Captain get beat today, but it's a horse race, so we'll see.

I hope all three horses race well, because the Breeders Crown is upcoming at Pocono, and it would be nice if they are all in top form. That may include Sunfire Blue Chip, who has been a shadow of himself since the brutal trip he went in the Hempt. He also goes today at the Red Mile. Let's see if he fires home with a nice last quarter, signalling he is back.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!


Anonymous said...

You're coming around, Pocket. You may be in line for a complimentary Captain T cap after all.

Pull the Pocket said...


I'm a handicapper not a cheerleader dammit!

Pocket McCoy


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