It All Comes Down to the Breeders Crown

Last night's Breeders Crown eliminations night at Pocono was really interesting, and a week from last night some questions will be answered.

Does Bee a Magician crush her foes and make people think about the Horse of the Year vote?

Vegas Vacation threw in a real clunker, barely coming home in 55 and change, with a pedestrian 56.1 middle half. Will he bounce back?

Lucan Hanover was booted home to edge Sunshine Beach in a sparkling 148, or much quicker than the Captain split. Are they sharp enough to take all the marbles?

Can the Captain hold off the challengers? Remember, he was flat at Lexington before his Crown elim last year, holding off a couple by a nose in a perfect trip, but bounced back with a big win. Then returned to the final to lose in 51.3.

Will Bolt the Duer bounce back, will Pet Rock be better off the bye?

Will Maven, if she gets some pace to chase, or is allowed lone on the lead be able to set her third world record in five weeks?

Can the old man Foiled Again take home a Crown, solidifying himself in Rambling Willie lore as being one of the toughest racehorses ever?

For last night's Crown recap you can get it here.


Blaine said...

Yo Pocket, the Captain won his BC elim last year and then finished 3rd in the BC final to Rockin Amadeus.

Pull the Pocket said...

Thanks B. I meant something different so I have to fix that up.


Blaine said...

I figured as much. Captain was OK in the elim and then got run beat by a first over RA. Must've been sick or compromised by the bias....


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