My Breeders Crown Includes.....

The Breeders Crown turns 30 this Saturday and over the years we've had some tremendous memories.

My Breeders Crown includes......

1. Tom Durkin - What a joy it is to hear Tom Durkin call a harness race. Tom seems to shun televised events and has not called a harness race in awhile to my knowledge, but that doesn't stop me from asking him. C'mon home Tom. Your magical cadence for harness racing is awesome, and you can make a boat race sound exciting.
2. Gary Seibel - I loved Gary early on in the ESPN coverage. He was knowledgeable and a trusting voice. His glistening perma-tan always fit well at Pompano too. C'mon home Gary. Let's get you on TV.

3. Drivers Who Drive - I loved watching some of the greats drive in the Crown. Current harness headlines seem to be about hillbilly kicking or sneaking a whip somewhere it should not be. John Campbell drove Artsplace to one of my favorite Crown performances barely even using the whip, just like old times. Harness racing peeps love their animals, and the Breeders Crown coverage of yesteryear displayed it.

4. European Invaders -  The last two Crown events for Open trotters were the best in recent memory. San Pail holding off the parked out Euro's and Market Share parking the mile against Commadner Crowe made for great viewing and a great event.

5. Guaranteed Pools - The best policy to hit harness racing since the Dan Patch farewell tour has been the Strategic Wagering Initiative. It gets nearly not enough credit, nor support. Guess what, customers like to bet and giving them a pool to bet into is paramount for harness racing's survival. This weekend there are a few pick 4's that are guaranteed and they will be at 15% takeout, something almost impossible to get in Pennsylvania. Well done harness peeps.

6. Good Horses - Horses skip the Jug, or the Canadian Trotting Classic, or the Hempt or Battle of the Brandywine. Horses rarely skip the Crown.  If you like watching the best race the best, you get that at the Crown.

Enjoy your Crown night everyone.

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GoCashKing said...

You do mean Chapter Seven, doncha Pocket? (GB)


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