Horse of the Year Could Come Down to the Breeders Crown

Each year the Breeders Crown usually has compelling storylines. At times we’ve seen horses slam dunk their divisional honors, and other times, fail to. And it probably should be that way. The harness racing season is a long one, and if a horse can stay sharp and last where he or she can win such a big race in October, he or she deserves accolades.

Somebeachsomewhere won his Crown in an effort that was awe-inspiring, just like the first victory of his career was. Rock n’ Roll Hanover answered all questions to those who wondered if American Ideal was a better horse with a trip. Conversely, Well Said, after a tough two heats in the Jug, faltered; as did Deweycheatumnhowe and Donato Hanover. It’s tough to win out.

This year is no exception. And it’s maybe even more important to win your Crown Saturday, because Horse of the Year honors might lie in the balance.

To read about the contenders please continue at Harness Racing Update here (pdf page 6).

The more I think about it, this is a race - for fans and bettors anyway. The media has concentrated on one horse, but he has lost a race and has set no world records. Others like Maven (who has two) and Iluvthenitelife (with one) should not be discounted, even though some might want to.

Breeders Crown night should be very interesting.


Anonymous said...

Who do you like PTP? I've heard so much about Arch Madness

Pull the Pocket said...

Arch Madness and Foiled Again winning on the weekend is possible and it would be GREAT to see.


Blaine said...

The HOY should go to who has been the most dominant horse in their division, not the vest horse in racing's glamour division. That horse in 2013 is Bee A Magician. She's never lost and wins with plenty in reserve. JMHO....


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