$1M Up for Grabs

Muscle Hill has the four, Southern Rocketop the two in Saturday's $1M Canadian Trotting. This looks to be a great race. It is a little cooler in the northeast this week, so the track might not be as fast as usual and it is hard to expect a super-fast time. But for spectating, it does not get much better than this tilt. This is a wonderful group of trotters.

It was reported this week that Explosive Matter had a lameness issue last week, which explains his poor performance. Not a whole lot of folks follow the insider news (and some might not even believe it), so perhaps that will increase this horse's odds Saturday. One thing is for sure, he raced nowhere near what he is capable of last week.

Trevor Ritchie, driver of the first-placed-last Angostura on Monday, spoke out via an interview with Dave Briggs. He takes full responsibility for the error.

“If Dan loses his appeal, it may be up to a quarter-million-dollar mistake on my part. Of course, that weighs heavy. Then, secondary, all the people that bet her had to rip their tickets up.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone find it ironic that the biggest call of the new rule goes down to Trevor Ritchie?
It was almost 7 years ago to the DAY that he was involved in an 'explosive matter' in which on air commentators questioned his drive on a John Hayes trotter.. to this day Trev still will not grant an interview to these two people.
Later that month they gave Shane Weber a 'no try' fine, as if to say.. ok, the rule does exist!
You have to give big credit to Trev, he ain't afraid to step into the fray and speak his mind, even when he's wrong!

best regards,


Anonymous said...

Those announcers have not uttered a single controversial word since. Sad thing is, on that occasion, they looked to be right. Now it's the same question over and over and over in the winner's circle - "Tell me, what is your horse's beat weapon at this point?" Gag me.

Anonymous said...

Spelling error "beat" should have read "best"

greg reinhart said...

Trevor Ritchie's also the only guy in the history of WEG to get pitched for "causing interference" while going a ridiculously slow quarter, something that happens in 95% of the races up there.


Anonymous said...

Not true. I saw the same thing happen to John Brooks (who?) in the finale one night about 15 years ago.


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