Some Dandy Reading

In the Thoroughbred Daily News, a feature by Bill Finley called "A Prescription for Racing", is an absolutely fabulous read. You can read it here, but it does take a free registration.

A few things struck me. One, (and this is no surprise) the betting experts made the most sense to me. Eugene Christiansen runs a gambling consulting company. You can tell he knows us. Jeff Platt is a buddy, so I recuse myself on commenting on his snippets. Crist has some great ideas. Second, Nick Nicholson is as good as it gets for a track exec. I loved his stuff. Last, Barry Weisbord either reads this blog, or I read his, because we agree on almost everything. :)

Anyway, if you are interested in the machinations of racing, it is a good read.

H/T to Equidaily for scanning the above pic, and linking the article.

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