Changing Times & Now You're Really Angry

There is quite the dust-up from horseplayers regarding their inability to see the NYRA signal. Some have a new name for NYRA - "Now You're Really Angry." The thread is certainly rocking. I have no idea what this is about; I just know that when I was away from my TV I went to look for Belmont video to play their opening card and could not find it on HPI. I switched and started playing Mommouth instead and I don't miss it. I have no idea why our business tends to anger their customers so damn often. No one cares whose fault this is, they just want to be a customer.

I have been opining a little over at r2. I think we really do have to prepare more for the future, and virtually everything I read in my business seems to point to that. Over time behaviour changes, and what we are doing today will be much different than what we will be doing tomorrow. Even the little things that we all see each day provide us with examples. I don't even know if a Thermos exists any longer, because I buy coffee at a coffee shop for trips. There are millions of people who head into the office and open google news for their morning paper read. They would look at you like you have six heads if you ask them if they picked up the newspaper this morning.

Right now I feel fairly strongly about mobile betting. Only 10% of our wagering is done over the web. This will change and it will grow. But if we do not have the proper infrastructure in place we will be playing catchup like we have over the last decade. The state and provincial rules are insane, there is little investment and no vision. I would hope this gets better for our sport.

Some action yesterday on the "All the Weapons" situation. For those who do not remember, this is the Gold Cup and Saucer winner who had to forfeit his purse winnings because he raced while he was ineligible. The trainer and driver of the horse says that the "fine does not fit the crime." That might be very true. But when the commission calls you before you enter, to tell you that you will be fined purse earnings or 10% of the claim price, whichever is greater, and you still enter; well let's just say the punishment prolly does fit the crime. It is an odd situation to me, simply because they knew exactly what would happen to them if they enter and win money. It is like placing your hand on a hot stove and being annoyed you got burned. They are not bad people and are not bad for racing, but it does not mean the rules as they are written can be changed because people are nice.

Have you visited Breeders Cup 360? If you need to use another website for the Breeders Cup you are looking for more information than I am. It is encompassing and good for the gambler. Way to go Jessica.

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