Very Clever

Videos on the web of a racing nature are not that popular. Most show a race with one camera angle and not much else. But we have come a long way. Those blogger types can get creative can't they?

Ernie puts together a blow by blow look at Rachel Alexandra's win this weekend. It is ten minutes well spent. Not only does he capture the electricity of the day with his handheld, you also get to see Andy Serling answer a question in only 192 words. It is fantastic!

Then our pal here Dana joins the fray with a clever look at the filly in a, let's say, different setting. I almost forgot how enthralling that movie was; and we get to see it in an interesting way. Well done to you both.

I have no talent, and no creativity. So I have no video of a stable partner wildly running down the stairs at Woodbine when one of our horses won, looking like a cross between Urkel and Larry Csonka. I wish I did. However I was at a Woodbine Entertainment Group meeting once, and taped it. The topic was sensitivity training but it went awry. I had no idea Jamie Martin could play guitar, so you learn something new every day. Give it a look if you want to see the inner workings in employee meetings at Canada's largest racetrack.


Anonymous said...

Super video. Very nicely done.

Freddy said...

I agree - very clever and very nicely done. I love Gareth!


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