Nice Card at the Hawk; and Disputes

Muscle Hill goes in race four tonight. If you want to watch log into whatever ADW you have at around 8:15 and you should be fine. He has the outside post.

A couple hours later, Well Said straps on the harness for a jog in race 10. Both horses are odds on chalk, and should not have any trouble.

Luckily you can actually watch those races. In yet another sign the customer is simply a pawn to be thrown around in racings grand sphere, NJbets and HPI have sent out notices to their customers that the signal from Belmont is being blocked to them. Why? No explanation; but it looks like it is yet another dispute.

If you are tuning into the NFL tomorrow and when you flipped on the screen and saw a message like this (the one I saw yesterday): "New Message For You - Belmont Live Video Streaming - Effective immediately, the New York State Wagering Board has prohibited HPI from streaming live video from Belmont until further notice. Replays will still be available. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.", there would be a riot.

This is not a restaurant running out of clam sauce, this is the major conduit people use to play the product being shut out. They don't much like when this happens.


That Blog Guy said...

Well you got a better message than we got on NJAW. We just got "Live Video No Longer Available' Watch on TVG and HRTV, Replays at 4njbets" Until I saw your post I had no clue what was going on.

Anonymous said...

I was at the 'Hawk tonight and made Brian Sears laugh after the race by saying "You're no Luke McCarthy, but good drive". On a serious note, Southern Rocketop looked awesome and may actually provide some competition to MH next week (don't laugh - they all lose sometime). On the never ceases to amaze me front: Explosive Matter, not having raced in a month with no qualifiers even, gets bet down to 4/5. How can anyone take 4/5 on that proposition? In a lot of the other races horses who missed one or 2 weeks went off as chalk. I NEVER bet a horse who is off more than 7 days and in most cases those that do miss more than a week are either short or have other issues. There is definitely money to be made at the 'Hawk.


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