ADW's A Good Teacher & Caviar Quotes

Advance deposit wagering causes much consternation in racing, but what they do, and the gap they fill as a reseller is not unlike what any reseller does in business.  What racing is currently learning from ADW's is looked at in HRU today, page 4, PDF.

Caviar Trading
Another learning experience has to be the lady in the US who bet over $1 Billion at casino's and lost $13 million over years. That's a 1.3% takeout. If she played horse racing at a track, with 20% rake, and nabbed a 0.78 ROI like most people do, she would've bet $59 million dollars, not $1 billion dollars before going broke. When people say "lower the take and people will bet more" they aren't blowing smoke, they're just doing math. 

I stayed up and watched Black Caviar win last night. When I saw here trading at 1.14 at Betfair I must say I was a little surprised. Harvey Pack is famous for relaying that we should not bet a horse doing something for the first time because you likely won't get proper odds. A horse coming off an injury, with a monster layoff is probably one of those times you should spectate. We saw it. She raced like she was fresh as a daisy and sound as a dollar bill. What an amazing athlete.

Australia is famous for their beautiful cities, being a good friend to nation's like ours, general good cheer and making us do the god awful Locamotion at weddings in the 1980's. They also posses some funky accents. Paulick and others tweeted this last night after the race:
I'm pretty good at translating Australian. What Nolan said was (paraphrasing):

"She's a great mare. Crikey we took it to em like a croc eating a chicken. I'd like to thank Pull the Pocket. Without him this mare would not be who she is. I'm tipping a Fosters to you mate"

That might not be a perfect translation, but it's close. Right back at you Luke.

Have a great Saturday everyone.

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