It's Not Only Paulick

I see Ray Paulick is pretty giddy today that the Paulick Report got mentioned by Dustin Hoffman in an interview and then later on TMZ. I haven't seen him this happy since he landed the understudy lead in Footloose. Good for him, because they work hard over there churning stories on the Interwebs.

But I got to thinking. In my five years or so here on blogger, I have some accomplishments and brushes with greatness of my own.
  • World famous pedigree expert Sid Fernando once retweeted an article of mine to his millions of followers from a plane while drinking a double gin and tonic.
  • I once tweeted "good luck" to Sheik Mo. He didn't tweet back, but he will sometime I bet
  • World famous NYRA expert Allan Mann read one of my NYRA articles while listening to some band I have never heard of on Spotify
  • Joe Drape - the world famous New York Times racing writer - read something I wrote once.
  • I'm in O_crunk's google reader
  • A world famous TOC member once read an article of mine on the California takeout increase and said "man, I hate that guy" (I am not 100% sure of this, but it sounds about right)
  • Tom LaMarra, king of the Bloodhorse, follows me on twitter
  • John Pricci commented here once
  • If I say something nice about the Meadowlands I heard a rumor Nick Salvi handwalks the article up to Jeff Gural
  • World famous trainer Graham Motion retweeted me when I said his horses all looked good.
  • Bob Baffert..... nah, nothing happens with Bob Baffert, he only follows three people on twitter. I don't think he even follows Paulick
  • I am pretty sure someone in Michael Bloomberg's camp read the reference I wrote where I said Yonkers better stop selling 16 ounce Pepsi's or they're gonna get their license revoked. 
  • I heard a rumor my blog is not blocked on the Woodbine intranet anymore. 
  • Justin Horowitz (ItstheJHO on twitter and Harness Racing TV host) reads my blog. I think he's JLO's long lost Jewish brother. That makes him famous.
  • Chuck Yeager chatted with me and Caroline Betts on twitter a couple of times. That's better than Dustin Hoffman. He could only play a guy in a movie who flew a plane 749 miles per hour.
  • Tinky posts here. He doesn't post on any other blogs or websites except here ..... and the Paulick report and Sid's blog and a few dozen others.
  • Gene Kershner (@equispace) reads the blog once every six months or so. I think he owns the Buffalo News. Or something in Buffalo. He's big there.
  • My family reads the blog the odd time, but they're not famous, and they likely wouldn't admit to it anyway. 
So, Paulick has Hoffman, but I think it's pretty apparent that I am not far behind.

Cheers, and enjoy your Friday.


Unknown said...

I don't use Spotify. Only MOG.

Pull the Pocket said...

Sheesh dude, it's bad enuff I don't know the bands you listen to, now I don't even know what MOG is.


Ray Paulick said...

Am really interested in hearing more about your convo with Chuck Yeager.

Pull the Pocket said...

That was funny.

Caroline was doing an auction for the horse rescue and said all she found was some old flight instruction manuals. I said "tell everyone they were Chuck Yeager's and you'll do well."

Two minutes later on twitter we get a tweet from Chuck saying:

"Chuck Yeager doesn't use a flight instruction manual"

A few weeks later he tweeted something again. It was strangely bizarre.

Chuck rocks.


Gene Kershner said...

Just making my bi-annual visit to PTP (j/k). I showed this to the Space Gal, who said..."do I know him, he's pretty funny!" You'll need to make the trip to the Ralph this fall and chug a Flying Bison with me.

Appreciate the mention - it shows up on page 38 of my google mentions. LOL.



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