Super Sunday

Yesterday was an interesting raceday for the thoroughbreds with several sparkling performances. This is the time of year when the factory stables like Pletcher's really turn up the heat.

Jerod on twitter posted something I thought interesting:
I think I'd take the under.

There was a first time starter yesterday at Sam Houston in the last that I liked off the form. He was 10-1ML and looked like a possible play at anything near there. He was 4-1 at two minutes or so to post and I said "probably too low for me". He went down to 3-2 at the off and won like a 1-20 shot. Like seriously, the horse could've won with me riding him, while stopping posing for pictures at the head of the lane.

You think horse racing is the only sport with an east coast bias come awards time? Look at football. Robert Griffin the third won the NFL's rookie of the year award yesterday over Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. Forget for a moment that he arguably wasn't even the offensive rookie of the year on his own team, think about when GM's say "sportswriters would make terrible managers". If you were starting a franchise and you chose Griffin over Luck as your franchise builder, you'd not be a GM for very long.

Adrain Peterson won NFL's MVP, but lost comeback player of the year. That makes no sense whatsoever. It's like voting for Michaels Power for HOY, while not voting him three year old of the year. Whoops, that happened.

I'm a math dude. I think there's (much to Jim Rome's chagrin) a 75% chance Joe Flacco has a terrible game today. San Fran's D is pretty smart and they have two weeks to make a plan to mess him up. With that, it appears I have to go long the 49ers and give the points.

 From twitter: A name given to horseplayers or trainers who want dirt and only dirt for American racing, no matter what the science says: "Dirthers" h/t to Crunk.

Buffalo Raceway had a 70% handle increase in January. I know they've been distributing their signal and all, but yikes, that's a lot.

Have a happy Sunday everyone.

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