An Interesting Evening on Twitter

Yesterday was an interesting one. We had the speed-laden Fountain of Youth, the Big M had a huge handle night, and I got nosed out of a huge super. Well, two out of three things were interesting.

I have contact with some heavy hitters on twitter - for example, the world renowned @o_crunk tweeted me pictures of his turntable, not once but twice - but I checked my timeline and saw this one. It was a little bit curious.

Bob Baffert, who follows three people, and never speaks to anyone that I've seen on twitter (I don't know for sure, I do not follow him), decides he wants to chat. About me having or not having kids?

I wonder if I said something bad about his horse, or his collection of sunglasses, but I find nothing in my timeline. It's a mystery.

Later I check his timeline and see his wife, Jill, tweeted this:

It appears that Jill has noticed a twitter account that is run by someone posing as their child. 99% of parents would likely be upset at such, so her tweet makes sense. However, putting two and two together (I'm smart like that), this must mean world famous horse trainer Bob Baffert believes Pull the Pocket is posing as his child on twitter. Go figure.

Bob is obviously a guy who can get a horse to the races, but he should stick to what he does best, because his detective skills clearly need some work.

Second up in the theater of the twitter, I notice there was quite the brouhaha from Gary Stevens last night. Adam Hickman didn't much like a ride, so he told him so.
To which Gary replied:
And later:
It doesn't much matter where you fall in this - whether you are an Adam fan because you thought the ride was stupid, hate seeing Monday morning critiques, or a sycophant who usually pops up in these discussions.  There is always one common thread when these things occur. If you are the person being critiqued and you are in the public eye, the onus is on you. What you decides ends, or extends a discussion like this.

If Gary said, "thanks for the advice", or "we tried something new" or nothing. It ends it.

In my opinion, if you are going to derive your salary from bettors, or fans in the stands like an NBA or NHL player does, this stuff comes with the territory.  How you respond is a responsibility. I respectfully suggest that Gary failed himself; not with his ride, but how he responded to it.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Update: Detective Fernando has reported on the status of the twitter account in question.


kyle said...

I guess it's an old fashioned sentiment, but celebrities and sports personalities, like children, are better seen than heard. Baffert, a fine trainer, is high on the list. A while back, in defense of the California takeout increase, he said "Well, you know, it all goes to the horses."

Heidi E. Carpenter said...

Well, things like this certainly keep twitter lively, no?!


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