Fort Erie, Windsor & Hiawatha Slots to Close

That didn't take long.

Storied Fort Erie Racetrack, host of one of the jewels of the Canadian Triple Crown is reported to have their casino shut down within "months".

In addition, Windsor Raceway, home of the Provincial Cup and host to many harness racing greats over the years is likely to shut down as well.

Hiawatha Horse Park in Sarnia, is also reported to be on the list.

One day - three racetracks.

How many more? Likely quite a few.

Full report on CTV News.

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Anonymous said...

Over the past 5 years, the racetracks had the opportunity to address what was fundamentally wrong with the game; high takeout, drug trainers, past posting, etc. They focused on none of those issues and instead put every ounce of energy into "expanded gaming" or 'welfare' as some of us like to call it. Not the various state and provincial governments are reducing the 'welfare' roles.

Collectively, now we must reap what we have sown. Many years of pain will follow.


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