A Friday Horse Racing Pop Quiz!!!!

I just got this via email. Let's see how you guys do (I got all answers correct, just so you know).

1. Alpha's First Derby Prep Race Was:

a) The Fountain of Youth
b) The Tampa Bay Derby
c) An Allowance Race at Fonner Park
d) The Withers, but to be sure, I want to see the tattoo evidence

2. The Recently Announced Aqueduct Breakdown Task Force Will:

a) Shake the foundations of racing and horse safety as we know it
b) We're not sure, but we hope there are plenty of free donuts
c) Blame Everything on Richard Dutrow
d) Conclude no one did anything wrong and that all racing is very safe

3. The Jockey Club Came Out with a Study today to Show that Synthetic Surfaces Are Safer. Racing Will:

a) Take these results, study them scientifically, and make conclusions based on horse safety and a bright future for our equine athletes
b) Look to fund further study
c) Switch some tracks to synthetic
d) Ask Bob Baffert what he wants, and act accordingly

4. Todd Pletchers Derby Chances are:

a) Great!
b) Slim
c) None
d) I have no idea, but he'll be there in a suit worth more than my 15 claimer

5. Who said "Fine. He's eating up his feed and he worked excellent today. We're happy with his progress" on the Derby Trail in response to the question "How is your horse doing?":

a) Todd Pletcher
b) Graham Motion
c) Bob Baffert
d) Every trainer known to man

6. Alpha's Next Derby Prep Is:

a) The Blue Grass
b) The Wood
c) An Allowance Race at Beulah
d) We're not even 100% sure Alpha is currently in the United States

7.Recently an O'Brien Award winner tried to enter a suspended horse at Yonkers, only to be found out and rebuffed by the New York State Wagering Board. Reaction was:

a) It's no big deal, they were being cunning
b) It's racing, you have to be shifty
c) More power to them
d) What's the big deal, the Thoroughbreds gave Michael Gill an Eclipse

8.  Jeff Gural and Joe Faraldo recently got into another war of words over money to market the sport of racing from slots. To get them together to work things out, poll respondants offered one of these:

a) A Call into Captain Stubing for a Love Boat cruise
b) Dinner at Pegasus, On Jeff!
c) A locked room, somewhere in one of Gural's 1.5 million New York owned properties
d) On the tarmac, race day at Chester Downs. It'll be very private.

9. The California takeout increase in 2010 was a failure, because:

a) Handle went Down
b) Revenue went down
c) Purse money went down
d) Ray Paulick has not written a pro-raise takeout article in months

10. In Ontario, slots closures at up to 12 tracks look imminent. Horse racing can stop this by:

a) Protesting
b) Writing letters
c) Engaging on social media
d) Giving the Liberal Party more money than the teacher's union did

11. **BONUS** Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are the same person

a) True
b) False
c) Don't Know
d) Holy s$(#, maybe they are!

If you scored 11 of 11 you are a true racing geek.

If you scored 9 or more you are damn good, but need some work.

If you scored 6 to 8, please start reading more industry press

If you scored 3 to 5, you need remedial racing class, so please look into a community college racing course

If you scored one or two, you are likely a member of PETA.

Have a great Friday everyone, and remember.... the above was in good fun, so no nasty letters :)

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That Blog Guy said...

I loved it. It got me laughing. Oh wait, I am supposed to be crying right?


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