Horsemen Group Head Responds to Gural Slots Idea

Horsemen group head Joe Faraldo responded to Jeff Gural and the USTA poll regarding putting more money into the sport of horse racing from slots.

Here's some of the language. Yes folks, this is what our sport is about, and why nothing gets done.

  •  was a malodorous “push-poll” worthy of a political campaign
  •  time for the truth about the disingenuous wording 
  •  As to the insinuation
  • “push polls” never provide all the details


Brett Coffey said...

Great isn't it. I love it how he says:

"To start with, the fact that the press release fails to detail that less than 1/3 of those who received an envelope actually responded is not at all surprising; such a truism fails to serve Mr. Gural’s interests in setting out what he wants to portray as an industry-wide mandate.

When more than 2/3s of a targeted population fails to respond, results can hardly be considered very instructive or characterized as overwhelming. Also, many people did not respond because the poll was clearly a “push poll”."

Great to see that more than 2/3s are too lazy to even respond to something that affects thier livelihood.

Anonymous said...

When I started reading that response I thought it was some kind of joke.


Anonymous said...

He sounds like a pleasant person to work with..... yes, that was sarcasm.

That Blog Guy said...

The latest bout in the Gural and Faraldo Feud. Here is my take.

1. A 1/3 response rate is phenomanal. Most mail campaigns get less than a 10% response rate.

2. If questions were a push poll, why didn't he provide a sample of the manipulative questions to validate Faraldo's assertions.

3. Clearly, the SOA of NY is not following what is going on in Ontario or they think it would never happen to them. I am sure the Ontario horsemen thought the same thing.

4. Has a problem with just giving up the $ for a marketing campaign? Then why not suggest in a letter that you have a joint group to market.

"Those that ignore history are bound to repeat the same mistakes", in this case it just is happening again, quickly.

Nick S said...

How'd you guys like to have Joe join your plight in Ontario.. maybe he can sell the Windsor horsemen on the status-quo.


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