Sunday Notes

Some news that caught my eye the last day and a half.....

The elephant in the room for thoroughbred racing (and steeplechase) has been the frequency of breakdowns. It's a story we don't like to talk about. However, the New York Times broke that pretty wide open this weekend. It was front page news.

San Pail looked great last night in his 8 year old debut.

What makes the rent a horse and the current Aqueduct issues so perplexing, is that horses who are not racing well tend to need time off. See You At Peelers needed it, they gave it to her, and she came back very strong on Saturday. I was 70% sure she'd show no kick, and this race was not going in her favor down the back. But she did. Sparkling effort that we all hope continues.

Suspended horse Reibercrombie raced via a court injunction. And we wonder why racing can't attract more decent owners looking for an honest investment?

Horsemen groups have a ton of power. They are probably most responsible for the status quo. A bettor looked at what the participants in other sports do to work together at Harness racing update (PDF)

Have a nice Sunday everyone.


That Blog Guy said...

I believe Reirbercrombie was allowed to race as a result of an appeal to the NYSRWB. They then decided the ORC's suspension was akin to the stewards list and when he tested negative in his last Canadian start, he would have came off the stewards list, thus eligible to race.

It wasn't a court that got him raced; it was an attempt to avoid a Crys Dream court battle. Of course, your premise about why it is hard to attract decent owners still stands as accurate.

Anonymous said...

You ain't seen nothing yet----Wait till we take down the Derby this May--avowed PETA supporter


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