Sunday Notes

The gloves came off in today's Harness Racing Update regarding the Jeff Gural-Joe Faraldo situation. As you know, the Meadowlands owner and New York Horsemen group head have been battling for years. It came to a head last week when Gural commissioned a poll of horsemen and owners in slots states and found well over 80% of them agreed with his vision. That vision - spending some of their purse money to grow the sport - is something that Faraldo disagrees with. The letters are running about 5 to 1 for Gural, so I suspect his poll was pretty accurate.

Have you been noticing Santa Anita stakes races are going off really late on weekends? That's the plan, and Del Mar looks to follow.

How important is Trakus? Watch last night's 9th race to find out. What a fog the Rexdale oval had.

Full recaps of yesterday's stakes are all on Goatzapper.

It's a different world. When you hear someone in racing talking about less whipping, changing the game better in terms of safety and the like, look beyond our nose. The Luck news should wake everyone up. It's not 1940 any more.

Joe Faraldo and others seem to believe that getting everyone together and working the sport for the good is unattainable. It's always someone elses job. Well, I think the recent news in Ontario, and the response from OHRIA, shows what we can do when we band together. Videos like this should not be for crisis times, they should be an industry staple.

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