There Are "Three Masters"

I found today's short but sweet Godin piece interesting. Called "Three Masters" it looked at the three facets that your industry can be guided by and serve.

Master One is your existing customer base. He says you should keep your promises to them and find ways to organically grow that space.

Master Two is the people who aren't looking at you. To attract these people the author believes you must "make a different or bigger promise" to land them.

Last is Master Three: "Serving your muse, on making the song in your head real, regardless of who wants to hear it."

In our sport, Master One is the current horseplayer. They want (according to a recent HANA survey) a cleaner game, and better payouts so they can last longer as bettors, and enjoy the sport more, and more often.

Master Two is the poker player, or online skill game player who is part of a $500B or so market and, perhaps, the non-racing sports fan. To have a chance to land some of that poker and sports betting market, we'd need to do a few things with vision to our betting game first. To land a sports fan, we probably have to ensure our top competitors don't meet fewer than once or twice (or never) in their lives.

Master Three is serving ourselves and our muse, regardless what Master One and Two are telling us we're doing wrong.

Racing keeps "singing the song" and serving the muse that we can't have a cleaner game, better payouts, uniform rules, better racing, or compete with a casino. The song gets sung, and the business stagnates.


Marquez said...

I have been a big fan of Seth Godin for a long time. I really like the way you related his post to horse racing. I could not agree with you more. Nice work!

horse gastric ulcer treatment said...

"focus on serving your muse, on making the song in your head real, regardless of who wants to hear it."- Sounds so true.


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