Single Game Wagering To Ontario Racetracks?

A bill has passed that has amended the Criminal Code (I always laugh when I write that; betting the Cowboys with your buddy who's a Giant fan is criminal) where single sports wagering may become a reality. Currently, only parlay wagering is available in provinces.
  • It will enable Ontario casinos to open “sports books” to attract people keen to bet on individual games instead of just the existing Pro-Line that requires gamblers to wager on a minimum of three games simultaneously.
It's not too much of a stretch to believe that any existing slot parlors in racetracks would also be hubs for sports wagering. Because of the recent headlines, this might be a bone to throw racetracks, in return for some of the slots cash. To say Woodbine would be jammed on Sunday morning in football season would be an understatement.

Of course, this is another drag on pari-mutuel wagering, though. As racing handles fall from the pressures a new competitor, we'll likely be in a similar spot in the future.

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