Slots at Racetracks Program Ending in 2013

Some thought they might take a scalpel to the slots program in Ontario, but it appears they brought out the hacksaw.

The program, which pours about $345M into purses, will be ended by March of 2013.

What replaces it is unclear. As we surmised earlier, it seems Woodbine will, or should, be okay. Many of the other tracks are in serious jeopardy of closing, or having a smattering of fair type racedates.

Racing was never the same when slots came to the industry in 1998. It'll never be the same post-2013 either, by the looks of it.


Reaction from Horsepeople
CTV story
Valueformoney Website


Anonymous said...


Phil J. said...

Do you think in the end the slot money that was offered for all these years will end up putting the sport and horsemen in a worse position than they would be in had slot money never been offered?

Tinky said...

A 15 year run is likely to be the equivalent of Wilt's 100 pt. game.


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