Betfair Wants More Harness Racing

Yessiree, you read that right. Someone wants to offer more harness racing. I have not lost my marbles. I don't think the moon is made of green cheese. Thanks to Cangamble for pointing this piece out.

Almost $175,000CDN was bet on a rather non-descript harness race at Kempton.

Betfair is calling for harness racing to be staged on the four Sundays in 2009 with no televised racing fixtures following the success of the first harness race at Kempton on 16 July.

Tony Calvin from Betfair told H&H: "Our expectations were minimal — but as it turned out more than 1,000 people placed bets on the harness race.

"We were completely taken unawares. There is definitely potential if it is supported by one of the horseracing channels. It could provide a new interest for the racing fraternity and certainly gets our backing."

Another lesson in the growing list of lessons we should have learned long ago: Distribute your product, allow people to see it, give them an interesting low price way to play. And they play.

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Anonymous said...

Harness racing is perfect for exchange betting, especially the b and c tracks where there are a lot of horses that go off at 3-2 or less that have good post positions.

You may want to bet them at 2-1 and you may want to book them at 1-1. Those are the type of horses that Betfair gamblers go for.


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