Does Crazed Give Dewey a Run?

The Hambletonian Eliminations are in the books after last nights racing at the M. Dewey did not disappoint, doing what he usually does, Crazed put back to back huge efforts, and Atomic Hall won the other elim.

The 3YO (and especially 2YO) trot classics are very different than their pacing cousins. In the Meadowlands Pace Final, even with a horse that might be the greatest ever, there are several horses capable of pacing a fast mile. Virtually every horse with a trip in there will pace, or has paced 1:49. In the trot races there are very few each year capable of breaking the beam in 153 or lower. Later in the year, some seem to season themselves and we start to see the net get a little bit bigger. For example we can see Arch Madness beating the precocious Donato Hanover twice late last year in the Breeders Crown.

But Crazed is proving that this years Arch Madness might have arrived a little bit early. Last night in fact, of virtually identical fractions, he trotted a faster final time. Dewey has someone who appears to be able to go with him.

Am I predicting a victory for Crazed? No. But, unlike the 3YO colt division (before the Meadowlands Pace), there is someone else to use in a fair odds line lower than 10-1.

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Anonymous said...

Twas the week before Hambo
when all through the stall
nothing was bouncing
not even a ball
the harneses were hung by the barn with care, in hopes that the hambo soon would be there
the bettors were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of a Tetrick/ Schnittker speed battle danced in their heads;




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