Somebeachsomewhere - "Hello USA"

I remember back in the early 1980's. I was a kid and the family stable had a nice little horse. He was a son of Most Happy Fella and he was racing locally here in Toronto. He won a few races, including a 3YO Open against some really good competition. We brought the horse to a stakes race at Roosevelt Raceway. I scanned the papers, and the tip sheets and no one picked him. A few of the comments were "he was good up there, but he will have to prove himself down here".

I read a few things like that on Somebeach's trip to the US. It made me laugh a little bit. I mean, the horse is an absolute monster. He could race on the moon and be a monster.

Anyway, he certainly proved what many folks knew after the Metro Pace elimination way back last August. He was sensational.

Video is here, and a story as well at Standardbred Canada. If you have not seen the race, take a look.

In the second elim I was really happy for Share the Delight. We touted him in the NA Cup elims and have always been a fan of the little guy. He is small, but has a huge engine. He can get a slice next week, no doubt about that. I was also happy for the owners. Read part-owner Andrew's awesome blog post before the race today. It's impossible to not be joyful with them tonight.

In the last elim it was nice to see another horse get some redemption. Sand Shooter has had his share of difficulties, but he is quality, and he deserves to show it. I thought he dug in like a good horse should, off an absolutely torturous first half.

Of course, on paper next week it is completely academic. But it is a horse race. And as we all know, anything can happen in a horse race. It is why we are fans.

And it is hard not to be a fan at this moment in time. We are obviously all part of something special.


Anonymous said...

Well I went and was wowed. He is awesome. There was a cheer on the apron of the track when this horse crossed the line in 148.3. I exclaimed it in unison with Warkinton and my girlfriend looked at me like I was nuts. I told her that while she may not understand what she just saw, she should be thankful.

Mister Big and Artisitc Fella were both awesome also.

Pull the Pocket said...

How was the crowd Phil? Fairly large, or typical?

How far away is the M from you? Did you make it a special trip to go see him?

Glad he did not disappoint. I love watching great horses.

Anonymous said...

I would label the crowd as fairly large, atleast bigger than normal.

It is only 90 miles from my apartment to the track. But yes it was a special trip to see him. Chester Downs is about a half an hour so I usually head there for the big races the host. I already saw the older pacers in the Franklin this year so this trip was about SBSW.

I also thought he was vulnerable like you did when he didn't clear without some urging. I also felt like Art Official came at him early with some decent enough pressure but fear not, he was awesome.

I won't be back for the Pace, but will probably go to the Hambo if Dewey heads into it undefeated.


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