Personal Note - David Liston

In reading Standardbred Canada this morning I see news that David Liston, executive at the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency, passed away. He was only 45.

As most know the CPMA regulates all wagering on racing in this country and is a vital partner to changing and (hopefully) rebuilding the sport. Back in April Mr. Liston served on the panel at the Standardbred Wagering Conference that was about "New Bets", along with myself and three others. I had never met him before, but immediately I liked him. He was smart, engaging and nice to speak with. I asked people about him and all I seemed to hear was "he's a good man", over and over.

Later that evening we were at dinner and I caught up with him and talked some more "horses". I went home feeling it was so good that racing had such a champion at the CPMA.

I don't like much to offer personal notes on the blog, but please allow me to offer condolences to the friends and family, should they stumble upon this post.

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