Somebeachsomewhere, Getting Some Press

I remember my first job out of school. It was for a small start-up. When the company started to achieve some earnings per share we put out press releases and expected the stock to start rolling, but it did not. I went into my boss's office one day and said "what the heck is wrong; we have earnings, a good story and we should have doubled by now, shouldn't we?" His response (he was an old wily veteran of the business world) "no worries son, getting noticed takes time."

He was right of course, and perhaps it is the same for Somebeachsomewhere.

Yesterday, two stories. One, in the New York Times, one of the world's largest newspapers. And the second piece is in the New York Daily News. This one with some quotes from some familiar to all harness fans, including Tim Tetrick "the greatest horse I have ever seen" and Bill O'Donnell, driver of Nihilator "he goes 27 quarters like he is walking."

Bob Heyden added his thoughts as well on the Meadowlands website, comparing the horse to Secretariat.

If the ducks get into a row this weekend, and the stars are aligned, I would not be surprised to see something like a 146 and change mile. In harness racing we never seem to pull together, we are always fighting. Hell, the runners do that too. But for one day, for one race, for the good of racing, we should all hope that happens.

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Anonymous said...

Would love to see a 4-YRO matchup b/t 2 undefeateds next year.Who can say what Auckland Reactor might do once acclimated to North American racing,and w/o having to compete with a jogging cart.


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