Some Forward Thinking

We have been on a customer and marketing angle lately.

Harnesslink is very proactive in trying to change the game. Fresh thinking and fresh ideas for the 21st century fan. This is no more apparent than their last post on We have touched and spoke about some of these ideas here, and I could not agree more. We have to completely change our thinking in racing. The younger generation demands it. We will not have a business left if we do not.

I am just going to link the article. It's titled "The New Generation of Harness Racing". Comment there if you wish to. It is a very good piece. (and the picture of the tree on the roadside is priceless).


Did you vote on the Standardbred Canada Poll Question?: "What effect do you think legalized, single-match sport wagering offered at racetracks would have on Canadian standardbred racing handles?"

I did. I am shocked at what is winning.

Tomorrow we will go through the Meadowlands Pace Elims. It's a good group and a good group of races. If anyone wants to join in and make some picks, I welcome it.


Anonymous said...

In a non border town's case, I think the result would be negative. The horsemen won't get enough of a cut on lost money from sports betting done on track.
In fact, it would probably cannibalize harness racing more, as Joe Gambler bets on a Leaf game instead of a harness race.
If it is done through an ADW though, and the harness track got a home market percentage, then it might be positive as people who normally wouldn't sign up with an ADW might just do so.
I just can't see that many locals going to the track (who wouldn't go anyways) just to bet ENOUGH on sports.

Pull the Pocket said...

I would think, giving people a non-horse betting thing to bet, at a track is a big detriment. Just like we did not see crossover in slots, and that ate away at handles, we will not see a cross over in sports betting.

Plus, they would have to have 10 cent money lines to have success (real success) at competing. That is a much lower rake than anything at the racetrack.

I would hope that if this does become a reality there would be something done for racing to compete.


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