More Interesting Somebeach Press

For those of you south of the 49th, there are three Canadian television networks. Like CBS, NBC, and ABC, but with slightly less on the budget end :)

Two out of the three had stories on Somebeach this week, and Standardbred Canada sniffed them out and posted them on their website here.

The one from Global shows the Beach romping around a field, which is pretty cool.

If you take a moment to watch these pieces, think for a moment the differences between the two sports - thoroughbred and harness. I personally find that a story about a good horse - say Big Brown - would come off completely different. That is a difference between harness and thoroughbred racing that has always been there, and always will be there.

Anyhow, just a few snippets and the hype is certainly at a fever pitch. In 6 or 7 hours we'll get to see just what the big colt can deliver.

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