Word Gets Around

I popped open my inbox Saturday and it was veteran handicapper and racing journalist Nick Kling, whose newspaper pieces we have often quoted here on the blog. He had read the takeout piece we posted some time ago and asked if he could have permission to reference it. Lo and behold I read Equidaily Sunday morning and I see a headline: “A Tale of Two Takeouts, Imaginary Bettors Play at Two Different Levels….. Which is better for the game?”

Since that sounded familiar I clicked and it sent me to Nick’s piece in the Troy Record titled Racing Fans Neglected by the Elected.

The New York City OTB mess has resulted in an increase in takeout. Nick has been front and center on trying to let his pals at the NYRA know that increasing prices will not help business.

It is long past time for our elected leadership to stop fleecing fans every time someone in racing needs money.

I hope the piece helped. Rome was not built in a day, and we won't grow racing back to where it should be by getting pricing back to competitive levels any sooner than that.

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