Interesting Day

Kind of an interesting day today at the Hambletonian round table. Some enjoyable presentations.

For me? Well, I guess it should be something about the conference that was a best moment, but sorry, it wasn't. I actually got to meet John Campbell. People might find that a little bit odd as a highlight in a day filled with so many presenters et al, but oh well.

I thought it was cool for two reasons 1) He has to drive tonight, but there he was dressed nicely as a part of the group listening to people. And 2) Well he is JC, a fine ambassador for the sport.

Also there, taking time out was Yannick Gingras in the young people in racing segment.

For my panel I discussed ad-hocly (not sure that is a word) the web bettor and what he/she is currently shopping for in the web gambling landscape and what we may look like in 2025. Funny, just before going up I glanced at Andrew Cohen's piece in Horseman & Fair World (it is not on the web yet, but I will post a link to it when it does). Hell, he said kind of what I was going to. Sheesh, they should have asked him, he is certainly better at speaking in front of a crowd, and more than likely much better looking :)

Some marketing of interest for the big race - the card for the hotel has the schedule of events for the Hambo, which I thought was neat. Plenty of other activities. It seems to be hopping a little bit for sure, and I would figure we are going to see a good crowd on Saturday. Since I have never been to a Hambo it should be an experience one way or the other. I should be able to get some pictures and post them up on the blog.

Thanks to anonymous (my favorite commentor!) who gave us this link regarding Georgian and Xtreme - US tracks tabbed to simulcast big day. Roberts and the crew at GEO are working OT, so good job!

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