Funny Hats, Royalty and ....... a Blog?

Woodbine has always had a corporate image. They are the oldest racing franchise in the country. When I went to the Queen's Plate last year I saw more women wearing floppy hats than I've seen in pictures at a 1939 premiere of Gone with the Wind.

But now they join the blogosphere!

Greg Blanchard, Mike 'golden-domed' Hamilton, Renee Kierans, Elissa Blowe (down boys), Jeff Bratt, Kenny Middleton, Chris Hickey and Chris Connor are writing a few posts about racing. They share some opines and seem to be having a bit of fun. I hope that some new ideas are floated out from them as a trial balloon to see what fans think and want.

Regardless, I hope they get some traffic. The WEG TV crew (and television production as a whole) are very good. If that can translate at all to the web perhaps they can get some traffic, some good responses and it will help them grow the game.

Best luck to them all.

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