Meadowlands Pace Elims

The elims are tomorrow, so we will pop through them and see what we can come up with.

$50,000 Meadowlands Pace Elimination - Race 5

Post, Horse, Driver, Trainer
1, Art Official, Ron Pierce, Joe Seekman
2, Moon Beam, Yannick Gingras, Eric Abbatiello
3, Mucho Sleazy, Ron Pierce, Ken Rucker
4, Grab Your Keys, Cat Manzi, Taylor Gower
5, Somebeachsomewhere, Paul MacDonell, Brent MacGrath
6, Badlands Nitro, Brian Sears, George Teague Jr.
7, Weekend Gambler, Ron Pierce, Mark Silva
8, Meant To Be Me, John Campbell, Linda Toscano

The first elim is pretty academic, off the form. It is also a shame that several good ones - arguably the three top colts in racing - are meeting each other. Conspiracy theorists that think the elims are somehow pre-determined won't like this leg :)

1st - SBSW: Not much to say about that. He is what he is.
2nd - Art Official: I still think this colt is better than Badlands Nitro; and with a post advantage, perhaps he can fill out the ex.
3rd - Badlands Nitro: Should fill out a monster tri

$50,000 Meadowlands Pace Elimination - Race 6

Post, Horse, Driver, Trainer
1, Share The Delight, John Campbell, Linda Toscano
2, Lisfinny, Ron Pierce, Robert McIntosh
3, Tiz A Masterpiece, TBA, Blair Burgess
4, Blueridge Western , Yannick Gingras, Mickey Burke
5, Mystery Chase, David Miller, Jim Campbell
6, Dontloseyourdayjob, Yannick Gingras, Jeff Smith
7, Frankyluvsmeatballs, Luke Plano, Rick Plano
8, Upfront Hannahsboy, Tim Tetrick, Jim Arledge
9, Santanna Blue Chip, Jody Jamieson, Carl Jamieson

1st - Upfront Hannahsboy: Probably will not be a price, but he looks the best
2nd - Share the Delight: I anticipate a nice trip for this little horse. Might up the juice in the ex
3rd - Santanna Blue Chip: Obvious to hit the board

$50,000 Meadowlands Pace Elimination - Race 7

Post, Horse, Driver, Trainer
1, Dragon King, David Miller, Roy Williams
2, Sand Shooter, Tim Tetrick, Jim Arledge
3, Robertthebruce, Andy Miller, Erv Miller
4, Dali, Luc Ouellette, Duane Marfisi
5, Bullville Powerful, Yannick Gingras, Steve Crevani
6, Atochia, Tim Tetrick, Peter Kleinhans
7, Deuce Seelster, Ron Pierce, Ross Croghan
8, Legacy N Diamonds, Jody Jamieson, Carl Jamieson
9, Brother Ray, David Miller, Ken Rucker

1st - Sand Shooter: He had sneaky late pace in the North America Cup, and looked a ton better on the track. He converted nicely at Pocono last time.
2nd - Deuce Seelster: Has to be good this week. Raced ok last time. Addition of lasix and perhaps getting used to the swamp air will help him this week.
3rd - Bullville Powerful: Supplemented for a hundred K. Raced well, has been racing well, and should hit the ticket.

All in all a fairly interesting group of horses. Like most of you I would have liked to see Art Official and Nitro in their own divisions. This might actually be an advantage to the Beach. If he wins the first elim, arguably the next two best colts do not get a chance to pick their posts. Hmm. Not bad perhaps.

I'll try an out-on-a-limb deal and pick the tri in next weeks final:

Sand Shooter
Upfront Hannahsboy

There, what the heck.

Enjoy the Pace elims and have a nice weekend.


Valerie Grash said...

Wow! Somebeachsomewhere was a monster! 1:48:3! And he makes it look so easy. Thanks for getting me hooked on him :)

Pull the Pocket said...

Fun to watch eh Valerie? I can't say enough about him.

For a thoroughbred fan it is tough to explain perhaps, but Mr. Big won the Haughton in 149 tonight. The track was at least a second off. SBSW going 2/5's faster than an aged veteran like him would be like the juvenile winner competing with the BC classic winner. Amazing stuff.


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